Friday, March 9, 2012

thanks sayang!

For almost 17 months,we were always together, sharing the happiness and sadness...sometimes we r in the sky playing with beautiful rainbow, but sometimes we r trapped in heavy rainings..but i know the sky is not always rained, it surely can be bright as u in another day right?so please dont give up.

The all things that i promise is not just a promise, i dont want to crash it but always try to fulfill your dream~sitting besides me every mili seconds, wanted me to care of u in my breath..i know and already know dear~ insyaAllah Allah will always in our side..

if we had a problem, we must and must to settle it on, not to give is dugaan from Allah u know..since i dont know the dugaan word in english so i write in melaaaayu sahaje oke! please,take note  understanding and trusting are the important things that we must have..its not easy but we can dear...

All the things that can u make u happy if i can give,for sure i will give.. if the tears in ur face exist,i cannot to see it..i feel i was the terrible person that make u hurt..i know,i try to be the best for u..insyaAllah..

Happy 17 months sayang~05/03 <3


  1. eh, tu scha ke?pehhh la, untung dpt bergmba dgn dye. hahahaha

  2. semoga hubungan kamu berdua dirahmati dan kekal hingga akhir hayat..InsyaAllah..ameennn..

    aku mau kad kawen special ok! hehe.

    atem, aku jeles dgn awek hang pasai dpt boipren mcm hang! hahaha


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