Saturday, March 19, 2011 copying the word.but not the meaning.

If I am given the chance, I want to be with you.
for sure!
talking, telling stories,laughing,
and happy all the time.
but sometimes not all we deserved is happen.

sometimes we are not the same table,
your time with friends is differ with mine.
and we have to respect each other

if u want to bark, it is fair.
but don't use aku and kau word*its scared lorh
The only important is
that we trust and understand each other.

If anger appears in you.
i know because you love me.
its hard to stabilize..
and i should overcome the situation.

when I'm lonely, you accompany me,
we need each others.
yes, it's true.
Because each of us
understand what is in our heart ;)

adeii,gua speaking terlebeh mlm nii!hoho


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